As we are a small family run business our numbers are limited so please complete the order form as soon as possible to secure your delicious Christmas turkey. Our pricing is based on the weight of the bird in kg. When ordering we endevour to match your order weight to the weight of the birds as close as possible however due to the free range nature of our birds exact weights is not always possible. If we provide you with a turkey in the next weight category to what you ordered please be reassured that we will only charge you for the weight category that you ordered, due to this please allow +/- 500g on your order weight.  


Our reccomendation would be to allow a minimum of 500g/person for the average meal when ordering a whole turkey. 

If you wish to order the breast we suggest 250g/person

For conversion to imperial 1kg = 2.2lb


       Weight of Turkey Price for Collection
             3kg         £49.00
             4kg        £63.00
             5kg        £69.00
             6kg        £77.00
             7kg        £85.00
             8kg        £89.00
             9kg        £94.00





   Breast for Roasting

   (min 1.5kg, max 3kg)



   (min 3kg, max 5kg) 



NB Breast does not include any bone or giblets, price is for weight of meat alone.

      Crowns include the whole bird, minus the legs, wings and tips (giblets included). 

      Please order breasts and crowns in increments of 500g. 


For Christmas Orders

You can come to collect your turkey on the 24th December between 09.30 and 15.00 alternatively we would be happy to deliver to you for free if you live within a five mile radius of our farm. We are happy to deliver outside of this radius but a delivery charge will be calculated based on distance. If you select the delivery option, we will agree your delivery slot immediately after order confirmation. 

Following your order we will send a confrimation email and details of the deposit needed. The following balance can either be paid online or via check prior to collection or cash on the day of collection. 



Please see below for our free 5 mile radius