About Burbage Bronze Turkeys


Burbage Bronze Turkeys is a locally run business by Oliver and Hollie on the family farm. 


Our turkeys arrive in the middle of June as day-old chicks from Farm Gate Hatcheries. Throughout thier first few weeks they are kept indoors in purpose built sheds with a heat source and plenty of food, recieving round the clock care. By August they have matured enough to roam around a 2 acre paddock however they can also seek refuge from adverse weather or Mr Fox in the open fronted sheds. 


Our Turkeys are fed on a traditional farm fresh diet consisting of high quality natural ingredients such as wheat, barley, oats and maize. The feed has been designed to not only be appealing and appetizing to allow the turkeys to thrive but also due to the natual anti-oxidents found in the oats be beneifical to the environment. 


In December our turkeys are dry plucked and then hung for a minimum of 7 days in a chilled store to allow their beautiful succulent flavour to develop. They come fully boxed and oven ready. 


Our Turkeys


Early June- Our Turkeys have arrived as day-old chicks. They will initally be kept in a purpose built shed with a heat source so they can have the best start to life. They have free access to water and food and recieve round the clock care. Once they are strong enough they will be allowed outside to roam the field. 


At the begining of August- Our Turkeys are now mature enough to roam the 2 acre paddock freely. They still have access to the specialised shed to allow them to shelter from the wind, rain and Mr Fox!! They have access to ad-lib water and food and are currently enjoying the sun on their backs. They are checked regularly thoughout the day and all their needs are met. 

September- Our Turkeys are growing well! They are enjoying the freedom they have within the 2 acre paddock and can often be found roosting on the top of the shed or by the trees 

October- Our Turkeys have continued to grow well and are now really displaying their beautiful bronze colour. 

December- Our turkeys are now all boxed and ready for the festive period